Arts Council Kids Kamp has good turnout

Theo Tate

Vivian Hadden of Montgomery City works on her birdhouse on the final day of Montgomery County Arts Council Kids Kamp on June 30. THEO TATE PHOTO

At age 26, Justice Kobusch was the oldest out of the nine students who enrolled in a birdhouse making class on the final day of the Montgomery County Arts Council Kids Kamp on June 30.

Still, the Montgomery City resident was looking forward to going to the class.

“I like to be creative,” Kobusch said. “I feel like this gives me a good outlet. I think I fit in with all of the kids. I like to craft and I like to paint.”

After two hours, Kobusch had reason to be thrilled. She created her first birdhouse that was painted blue with red mushrooms.

“I never made a birdhouse,” Kobusch said. “I made a lamp once, but that was about it.”

Kobusch was also happy that she went to the class with her boyfriend’s daughter, Eliza Matthews.

“She likes to do a lot of crafty stuff, too,” Kobusch said. “I like for us to try and do it together when we have time.”

The MCAC Kids Kamp had a total of 10 classes between June 14-June 30. The event was a successful one as it drew an average of 11 students per class.

“It went great,” event coordinator Pat Moore said. “I don’t think it couldn’t have gone any better.”

Besides making bird houses, students also got to make American flags, baskets, wreaths and paracord bracelets and did some canvas painting and sculpting during the two-week Kids Kamp.

Kobusch said she and Matthews can’t wait for the 2022 Kids Kamp.

“We’ll definitely be back for next year,” Kobusch said.

Gary Rustige was the instructor of the bird house making class. All of the students used several wooden pieces to build their houses before they painted them.

Aden Fortmann, a 9-year-old from Wellsville, said he enjoyed going to the birdhouse class.

“It’s been a long time since I built a birdhouse,” said Fortmann, who also went to a sculpting class. “I built one when I was 4 or 5 years old.”

Vivian Hadden, a 10-year-old from Montgomery City, went to four classes during the Kids Kamp. She said her favorite is the book folding class, which was taught by the Montgomery City Public Library staff on June 28.

“It’s fun to do,” Hadden said. “I get to make little designs out of it.”

Moore taught a basket making class on June 15 and a wreath making class on June 22. Orlana Gardner, Jessica Jones, Lu Penfold and Jill Burch of the Kids Kamp, which was sponsored by the Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies and the Missouri Arts Council.



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