Guns stolen from Middletown home recovered

An investigation is ongoing to identify the suspects responsible for stealing 32 guns from a Middletown home that were recently recovered. 

According to a  press release from Montgomery County Sheriff Craig Allison, Callaway County deputies discovered the guns on April 7 while attempting to locate a subject who had an active warrant and resided near the Boone County line.

While at the residence, a deputy shined his light into a small shed and noticed several guns leaning in the corner. Knowing there had been several burglaries where guns were stolen, in both Callaway and surrounding counties, deputies checked the serial numbers and discovered these guns were reported stolen out of Montgomery County, Allison reported.

Initially four guns stolen from Montgomery County were identified. After further investigation, Callaway County recovered a total of 32 guns that were previously stolen from a residence in Middletown September 2020.

“It is important to keep the lines of communication open between all your adjoining counties when trying to investigate these burglaries,” Allison said in the release. “I commend the deputies for following their intuition and checking the serial numbers on these guns.

“Finding these guns together, in my opinion, was a rarity. These guns were stolen seven months ago. We chased down numerous leads immediately after this burglary trying to find them as quickly as possible because, in most cases, we knew they usually get split up very quickly. The victim of this burglary was very happy to have them back, especially since he had already come to terms thinking he would never see them again.”


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