New Florence Police Department turns 25

Theo Tate

The New Florence Police Department is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The department has two full-time members and eight part-time members. Pictured, front row from left, is Chief David Ingle. Middle row are Richard Olsen, Sgt. Chris Enloe, Victor Chavez and Kevin Pirrung. Back row are Dale Kasper, Scott Biondo, Arianna Brewer and Steven Kohler. Not pictured is Tanya Olsen. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The New Florence Police Department has reached a milestone this year – it is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The department was established in late 1996 after the city contracted with Montgomery County to provide police service for several years. John Burroughs, a former alderman, was one of the advocates of starting a police department in New Florence.

“He was the one who actually proposed it through the Board of Aldermen,” Chief David Ingle said. “He later became mayor and was the prominent supporter of the starting implementation of the police department within the city of New Florence.”

Shane Neubauer was the city’s first appointed police chief. The department had six officers.

“Over the years, that number has fluctuated based on budgets and funding,” Ingle said. “But it’s been pretty constant.”

Today, the department has two full-time and eight part-time officers. Ingle and Steven Kohler are the full-time staff members. Scott Biondo, Arianna Brewer, Victor Chavez, Sgt. Chris Enloe, Dale Kasper, Richard Olsen, Tanya Olsen and Kevin Pirrung make up the part-time staff. A picture was taken of the staff to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the police department, and it is hanging at New Florence’s City Hall.

“One of the things that we have done to support the morale within the community is we did have a photograph taken as well as issuing the anniversary badges to the officers,” Ingle said.

Ingle said the Board of Aldermen — which includes Mayor Bonnie Nordwald, Michelle Fortmann, Andy Johnson, Brad Kent and Deby Thompson — has been very supportive to the police department since he started working there in 2010.

“The board has been very up to date with keeping up with the training aspects and allowing the police department and the funding to keep within today’s policing situations,” Ingle said.

Ingle said the goal for the police department is to provide 24-hour protection to the city.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet that as the city grows and we’ll get more businesses and get a more stable tax base in terms of that nature,” Ingle said.

Ingle said the staff members have many duties, including overseeing their animal control and building inspections divisions.

“It’s a lot of work with very little staff,” Ingle said. “But I think we made a dramatic impact, especially in today’s law enforcement community where you don’t have a lot of people who want to be a professional police officer too much anymore.”

Ingle said the police staff did a great job handling the train derailment that occurred at the intersection of Highway WW and Franklin Street on Aug. 2.

“When you have that emergency or a storm that comes through and you’re able to pull from your emergency services to handle those situations without just devastating everybody in emergency services within the county, it’s just a tremendous help,” the chief said. “On most days, New Florence is a nice, quiet and calm community. However, tragedy always occurs.”

Ingle was named the city’s full-time police chief on March 8. He became the interim police chief in October 2019 after the resignation of Jim Arrington. 

A Kirkwood native, Ingle earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in criminal justice from Southeast Missouri State University, served in the United States Army as a captain in the military police corps and has worked in law enforcement for almost 30 years.

“I look forward to being a continued member of this (police department) in growth, to where hopefully sometime in the near future that we would be able to add more coverage and provide more services to the citizens through the police department and the community developments of that nature,” Ingle said.



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