Sen. Blunt pays visit to Montgomery City

Theo Tate

Sen. Roy Blunt talks to the audience during his visit at the Uncle Ray’s production facility in Montgomery City on July 1. THEO TATE PHOTO

July 1 was a memorable day for Corbin Doyle.

First, the 9-year-old from Tipton was named honorary commissioner from the Montgomery County Commission. Then, he got to visit Missouri Senator Roy Blunt while going on a tour at the Uncle Ray’s production facility in Montgomery City.

“It was good,” Doyle said.

Doyle is the great nephew of 1st District Commissioner Dave Teeter. Doyle and Teeter were among the 23 people who visited Blunt at the 940,000-square-foot building at 1001 Harness Drive.

Among the other people in attendance were State Rep. Jeff Porter, Greater Montgomery County Economic Development Council president Brent Speight, Matt Speight of Scott Agency, 2nd District Commissioner Doug Lensing, Presiding Commissioner Ryan Poston, Jonesburg Mayor Bob Sellenriek, Montgomery County Sheriff Craig Allison, Planning and Zoning administrator Donna Viehmann and County Clerk Kathy Hancock.

During the one-hour visit, Doyle got a picture taken with Blunt and picked up four bags of Uncle Ray’s potato chips.

“He was looking forward to coming to the potato chip tour and meeting with Sen. Blunt,” Teeter said.

Blunt said the new Uncle Ray’s facility will be a huge boost for the Montgomery City area. Uncle Ray’s, a Detroit-based company of potato chips and snacks, bought the building in 2013.

“What great technology we’re bringing together with these jobs and what an opportunity for Montgomery City to have these jobs and have the growth potential and figure out what you do to make this grow,” Blunt said.

After the tour of Uncle Ray’s, Blunt talked for 20 minutes about the economy bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blunt said he hopes for more Missouri residents to get vaccinated. Currently, the state leads the nation with the highest rate of new COVID cases.

“No. 1 on the list of new COVID cases is not a place that I would like to see us,” Blunt said. “I certainly had the shot the day I was qualified to get it. We need to do a little better on this. Actually, we need to do quite a bit better on this, particularly in our state of Missouri.”

Blunt said another concern is there are people not going back to work and continuing to accept unemployment benefits.

“When you pay people more not to work than they were making working, that’s not good,” Blunt said. “A month ago, in the United States, the average unemployment was $680 a week. That’s like $15.46 an hour. So it’s like making $16-17 an hour with no child care expenses to stay home as opposed to going to work with child case expenses with a job that pays less than that. For most people, it’s really not a very hard decision.”

Blunt was making visits all over the state. Before his trip to Uncle Ray’s, he was at ThermAvant Technologies in Columbia to participate in a roundtable discussion.

“From our perspective, anytime you can have a senator in your building, you’re better off than not having any senator in your building,” said Matt Taylor, Uncle Ray’s Director of Operations.



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